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Professional Development

    26/8/2015         Oxford Professional Development – Teaching English: Secondary Schools I. (Olomouc)

    10/2/2015         Cambridge English Teacher: Online Course – Teaching with Technology (Apps and Social)

    10/2/2015         Certificate: Use of Modern Technologies out of the Classroom (IMPACT Online)

    15-17/1/2015     Language Centres in Higher Education (International Conference, MU Brno)

    15/1/2015         Certificate: Tools That Can Make the Teaching and Learning More Engaging

    8/11/2014         Teachers’s Park – Mezinárodní conference učitelů angličtiny (MSMT-2240/2013-201-60)

    1/9/2014           Certificate: Use of Modern Technologies in the Classroom (IMPACT Online)

    27/8/2014         Oxford Professional Development – Teaching English: Secondary Schools I. (Brno)

    2/11/2013         The PARK Conference, Autumn 2013, Brno

    28/8/2013         Oxford Professional Development - Teaching English: Secondary Schools - III, Brno

    19/4/2013         Cambridge English Afternoon, Brno

    23/3/2013         Spring Teachers Park 12th International Conference Brno

    3/11/2012         Autumn Teachers Park 11th International Conference Brno

    29/8/2012         Live the Language OUP Conference Brno

    31/3/2012         Spring Teachers Park 10th International Conference Brno

    29/4/2011         Mini-conference Cambridge Afternoon 2011 Brno

    10/4/2011         AKCENT College Conference Prague

    2/4/2011           P.A.R.K. 8th International Conference Brno

    Autumn 2010    A-School English Course for Teachers (MŠMT no.14 012/2009-25)

    16/10/2010       The Language Show 2010 (Earls Court, čLondon)

    27/8/2010         Oxford Professional Development - The Key to Perfection (Brno)

    10/4/2010         ILC One day's teachers' conference

    27/3/2010         P.A.R.K. 7th International Conference for teachers of English

    27/8/2009         Ideal Solutions for teaching Maturita, FCE and CAE (Oxford Professional Development)

    28/3/2009         P.A.R.K. 6th International Conference for teachers of English

    7/3/2009           ILC English Language Conference

    21/2/2009         Teaching towards FCE (British Council)

    11/10/2008       Teaching Business English (Cambridge Business English Day, Prague) (no. 16017/2006-25-318)

    15/3/2008         P.A.R.K. 5th International Conference for teachers of English

    1/3/2008           ILC Conference Brno

    Teacher Training Programme 2007 - Oxford Teacher's Academy, Brno (Teaching Teenagers)

    29/8/2007         OSTA, Brno - Assessing Writing, Assessing Speaking, Exam Preparation Techniques

    25/4/2007         OSTA, Brno - Reading in Class, Effective Written Communication, Effective Oral Communication

    13/10/2006       OSTA, Brno - Teaching Listening, Grammar and Lexis, Classroom Management and Motivation

    16/5/2006         Longman, Brno - Teaching Adults (no. 10695/2006-25-123)
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